Piso para comprar en 重陽里, Taiwán

204.347.425 MXN

300.000.000 TWD

重陽里, Xingfuliao, Tamsui Dist.

Piso • 1 habitación/es • 3 Habit. • 5 Baño. • Ref.: M9MQN4

- The building provides a panoramic view of Guan Yin Mountain and the Tamsui River. - With Yangming Mountain as its background, this home estate grants a fascinating city view of Taipei. - A single residence to each floor, designed with a 360-degree wide angle view, creates a perfect combination of light and scenery. - This masterpiece features a 2.5 meter wide surrounding balcony on each floor and a 45 meter wide spacious terrace at the end of the ellipse. - Winner of a best-in-design architecture award granted by the Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award organization, the residence is invited to participate in the World Real Estate Excellence Award. - The glass façade of the elliptical exterior conveys a minimalist aesthetic value.



Xingfuliao, Tamsui Dist.